SOC101;102 Issues in Israeli Life (1-0-1)

Delve into issues which reflect the historical roots and current stance of political and societal infrastructure in modern Israeli life. The make-up of the Knesset, power of the Supreme Court, Nachal Chareidi, Hesder Yeshivot, Sherut Leumi, … .

Course requirements: Pass/Fail. Attendance required.

SOC103;104 For Zions Sake; Zionism on Campus (1-0-1)

Preparation for Jewish students returning to campus environments in the Diaspora to advocate basic legitimacy of the Jews claim to Israel from a political perspective and in terms of international norms.
Course outline includes:
Jewish roots in the land of Israel; Returning to Zion; the modern period; the mandate; the ambiguity and the madness; a State disputed; a cold and partial peace; terror and responses to it; techniques of manipulation; skills training.

Course requirements: Pass/Fail. Attendance required