Walk through the doors of Darchei Binah and observe. The kol Torah filles the room as one hundred young women sit together and actively probe the texts which contain the truths of our heritage.

Prominent Torah scholars transmit the mesora in a way which is both timeless and appropriate for the needs of our student body. Faculty members meet with students on an individual basis to provide caring guidance eand insight into confronting the challenges of life. Young women enter homes and institutions throughout Yerushalayim to make their own unique contribution to the klal.

These scenes illustrate the type of dynamism and energy found in Darchei Binah. Our program of study reflects its goal of pursuing comcomitantly academic excellence and personal development. Members of our staff were chosen for preeminence in their specific field of expertise and represent our seminary’s belief that truth in Torah reflects itself through the prism of a person’s individual greatness.

We hope our web site will provide you with a detailed perspective of Darchei Binah and the unique program it offers its student body.